Melanie Wilson

A Small Town Anywhere

'A Small Town Anywhere' is a piece made by agents of adventure, Coney. It is a play without performers - just a playing audience. A fully interactive artwork, Small Town mixes dramaturgy and gaming mechanics, offers open play within resonant narrative, and ways for an audience to use participatory media to enrich and become a co-author of their experiences.

Coney include Le Corbeau - the 1943 film by "the French Hitchcock", Henri-Georges Clouzot - among their jumping-off points. Each Small Town brings a disparate group of participants together to explore what happens - what's at stake - when they become a community. "Take a hat and a badge, become a, wealth and power might all be yours if you choose to pursue them. Or take the quiet life, pottering in the shadows and looking out for gossip, perhaps writing a letter or two. Surely nobody here knows that filthy secret you've been hiding?

Melanie worked with Coney on this project as a co-deviser, specializing in sound design and performing as the voice of the Town Crier. 'A Small Town Anywhere' is a BAC commission and was also developed at the National Theatre Studio. The piece was premiered at BAC in October 2009 and will be touring the U.K in 2010.