Melanie Wilson

Die gelbe Tapete

Written in 1892 by the American author Charlotte Perkins Gilman, »The Yellow Wallpaper« depicts the fate of a woman who does not meet the expectations which society imposes on her in her role as wife and mother. Rediscovered in the 1970s by the women’s movement, the text is now seen as a masterpiece of feminist literature. British director Katie Mitchell reinterpreted Gilman’s story as a study of post-natal depression, creating a live film work which was presented at Schaubühne in 2013.

Direction Katie Mitchell
Stage design Giles Cadle
Costume design Helen Lovett Johnson
Director of photography Grant Gee
Video Jonathon Lyle
Music Paul Clark
Sound design Gareth Fry, Melanie Wilson
Light design Jack Knowles
Foley artist Ruth Sullivan
Dramaturgy Maja Zade

Anna Judith Engel
Anna's thoughts Ursina Lardi
Christoph, Anna's husband Tilman Strauß
Tania, nanny Iris Becher
Woman behind the wallpaper Luise Wolfram
Foley Sound Effects Cathlen Gawlich
Camera Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou