Melanie Wilson

every minute, always

every minute, always, a collaboration between Melanie Wilson and Abigail Conway, is an installation in a cinema for two people. Seated amongst other couples, the experience unfolds for each participant through headphones and in concert with what they see on screen. From the intimate, low-lit vantage of the cinema seat, the participant is guided by the voice of the narrator into a rich and sonically transporting world of cinematic perspective.

Underscoring this journey for each participant however, is a gradual and electrifying encompassing of their relationship to each other, to the other couples and to the cinema environment as a potential play space.

every minute, always was scratched at the Mayfest Forest Fringe Microfestival in May 2010 at Bristol Old Vic and was premiered in collaboration with the Forest Fringe at the Filmhouse cinema at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. In 2011 every minute, always went on to appear at the ICA as part of Live Weekends: Shunt, the Flatpack Festival in Birmingham, Warwick Arts Centre, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011 as part of the British Council Showcase and Almost Cinema Festival 2011 in Ghent.

'Melanie Wilson and Abigail Conway’s exquisite miniature… offers a doorway to unexpected intimacy, presenting a wonderful tickle of possibilities.' The Guardian

photo: Finlay Robertson