Melanie Wilson

Five in the Morning


In 2005, Melanie collaborated with Rotozaza and Greg McClaren to create Five in the Morning.

Standing in front of a blank slate of white walls, three shivering swimmers, red-faced and half-smiling in tight suits, await their orders from a series of chillingly calm disembodied voices... Welcome to Aquaworld, a theme park where the temperature is always perfect and the beaches have no sand...

Rotozaza's work centers around a unique strategy of giving instructions to unrehearsed guest performers, different every night. In their words: "We found that any audience could understand the basic truth behind the event before them: that the performer is on the same level as they are, discovering everything at the same time. We saw how this transformed an audience from traditional 'spectator' mode to something more present, more bound up with the moment; and we often played with that divide, alternately charming and jarring the audience into seeing things from different perspectives. With Five in the Morning, we focus on the awareness of shifting between seeing things as they are, and what they stand for."

Five in the Morning was awarded BEST TOURING SHOW by the Austin Critics Table, as part of Fusebox 2008 (Austin, Texas, USA)

"Vulnerable and emotionally naked in their swimsuits ... Rotozaza capture all the weirdness of the unconscious world - there is no doubting the talent or ambition of a company who can so intriguingly prod at our unconscious." The Guardian

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