Melanie Wilson

Mari Me Archie


Mari Me Archie is a partner sound work to Iris Brunette. It takes the form of an audio guide, located in and around the host theatre or venue, striking out at one point into the street. It is an experience undertaken independently by two participants. Accompanied by the voice of the narrator, Iris, each participant is guided along a route around the building. As the story unfolds, a sequence of intriguing observations, near misses and clues alert each participant to the presence of the other. Their realization of a parallel but secret opposite player culminates in a final encounter which is stage managed for each participant by the tender voice of Iris.

Part audio guide, part folk-tale, part game, Mari Me Archie opens a door into a world of kaleidoscopic soundscapes both transportingly exotic and startlingly familiar. The listener is placed at the heart of a bewitching duet of coincidence and identity, navigating terrains both real and invoked, as tantalizing possibilities for participation are uncovered in the unfolding events.

The guide offers a playful and compelling opportunity for participants to re-imagine a cultural and civic environment that they maybe very familiar with. By the same token, the guide also offers an alternative opportunity for audiences who are not perhaps habitual theatre-goers, to engage with arts venues in their locality in a fresh and unconventional way.

Mari me Archie and Iris Brunette stand as an individual works. While both enrich and expand upon the other, it isn’t necessary for an audience member to see both to understand them.

Mari me Archie is a BAC scratch commission and was first presented at the Burst festival in 2009. It went on to tour the U.K alongside Iris Brunette in autumn 2009.


'A mesmerising glimpse into Brunette's mind.' Oh Fringe


photograph: Jamie Saunders