Melanie Wilson

That Other Bathroom

'That Other Bathroom' is an audio piece for headphones that was commissioned by Fuel for their 'Everyday Moments' podcast series.

Imagine there was a soundtrack to those small moments when you find yourself alone, brushing your teeth, in the bath, watching the rain stream down your living room window, or when you're tucked up in bed unable to sleep.

'That Other Bathroom' was created to be listened to at a distinct time and location: in front of the mirror, in your bathroom, with the door shut, in the evening time. The podcast invites its listener into an uncanny moment of memory making, connected to an idea of home and sensations of separateness from it. Using binaural recording techniques, the piece draws upon the arresting and indelible relationship between location and memory

Melanie's podcast is available to download through Fuel, Time Out and The Guardian and features in the 'Sounds' section of this website.

Other artists making the podcasts include: Kazuko Hohki, Inua Ellams, John Hegley, Adrian Howells, Josie Long, Peggy Shaw, Hofesh Shechter and Lemn Sissay.

image: Alice Massey