Melanie Wilson

The Forbidden Zone

The Forbidden Zone. is a multi media work for theatre, written by Duncan Macmillan and directed by Katie Mitchell. The piece premiered at the Salzburg Festival on 30th July 2014, and went on to be presented at Schaubühne, Berlin in autumn 2014. Melanie designed the sound for the piece.

The Forbidden Zone is a powerful new work about women, science and war in the first half of the twentieth century. Performed in two languages by a cast made up of both German- and English-speaking actors, The Forbidden Zone marks the centenary of the outbreak of World War One by bringing together an international ensemble of artists using modern technology to create an epic narrative to stand alongside the established canon of dramatic treatments of the conflict.


Duncan Macmillan, Text
Katie Mitchell, Director
Leo Warner, Director of Photography
Lizzie Clachan, Sets
Sussie Juhlin-Wallen, Costumes
Finn Ross, Video
Melanie Wilson, Gareth Fry, Sound
Jack Knowles, Lighting


Kate Duchêne, Andreas Schröders, Scientist
Ruth Marie Kröger, Clara Haber
Jenny König, Claire Haber
Felix Römer, Fritz Haber
Giorgio Spiegelfeld, French Soldier
Andreas Hartmann, Stefan Kessissoglou, Camera
Sebastian Pircher, Camera / American Soldier

Image: Stephen Cummiskey