Melanie Wilson

The View From Here

'The View from Here' was intially conceived as a sound piece for radio, airing as part of the 'All Day Everyday' series on Resonance FM and featuring in the Filmless Festival, Chicago in 2008.

Commissioned by BAC, Melanie adapted the piece for an audio performance for headphones. 'The View From Here' was scratched at the BAC Forest Fringe Microfestival in April 2010 and premiered at the BAC One on One festival in July 2010.

Conceived for one person at a time, each participant enters the world of a patient, blinded in an accident, as they wake to another day of darkness. Resolved to sidestep the obdurate murk of her useless vision, the patient guides the participant instead to the obliging stock of her memory, where the everyday patterns of human routine appear golden and precious.  

An exerpt can be heard in the Sounds section of this website. Listen with headphones for the intended experience.

'Wilson's sophisticated skill with sound is haunting and her performance fittingly eerie.' Spoonfed