Melanie Wilson

Wunschloses Unglück

Wunschloses Unglück is a multi-media adaptation of Peter Handke's novel 'A Sorrow Beyond Dreams', directed by Katie Mitchell. The book is a semi-autobiographical work based on the life of Handke's mother, and an investigation by the author into the circumstances that lead her to take her own life.

The piece was premiered at the Burg Theatre in Vienna in February 2014, for which Melanie designed the sound. Further details can be found here and an English language review here.


Die Tochter/Kamera
Liliane Amuat

Die Mutter
Dorothee Hartinger

Stimme des Sohns
Peter Knaack

Stimme der Mutter
Petra Morzé

Der Pfarrer
Robert Reinagl

Der Schwiegersohn/Kamera
Laurence Rupp

Der Sohn
Daniel Sträßer

Die trauernden Frauen
Christine Binder
Susanne Hahnl
Elfie Rosner

Andreas Hartmann
Stefan Kessissoglou
Sebastian Pircher

Ruth Sullivan

Director: Katie Mitchell

Director of Photography: Grant Gee

Design: Lizzie Clachan

Costume: Sussie Juhlin-Wallen

Video: Finn Ross

Music: Paul Clark

Sound Design: Melanie Wilson, Gareth Fry

Lighting: Jack Knowles

Dramaturg: Amely Joana Haag