Melanie Wilson

Autobiographer - Introduction

An excerpt from Autobiographer

Autobiographer - Part Four

An excerpt from Autobiographer.

Autobiographer - Interlude

An excerpt from Autobiographer.

That Other Bathroom - Everyday Moment podcast 9

An audio piece commissioned by Fuel for their Everyday Moments podcast series. The piece is designed to be listened to in the bathroom, in the evening, with the door closed, standing in front of the mirror. Best listened to with headphones for the intended effect.

Iris Brunette

An extract from the soundtrack to one of Melanie's solo performances 'Iris Brunette'.

Mari Me Archie

An extract from Mari Me Archie, an audio guide for two people at a time and a companion piece to Melanie's solo show 'Iris Brunette'. The guide was originally conceived for the BAC building and surroundings in London and went on to be adapted for Dublin, Bath, Warwick Arts Centre and Axis Arts Centre, Crewe. Best listened to with headphones, to achieve the intended efffect.

The View From Here

'The View from Here' was intially conceived as a sound piece for radio, airing as part of the 'All Day Everyday' series on Resonance FM and featuring in the Filmless Festival, Chicago in 2008. Commissioned by BAC for the One on One Festival in 2010, Melanie subsequently adapted the piece into a bin aural audio performance for headphones.

Conceived for one person at a time, each participant enters the world of a patient, blinded in an accident, as they wake to another day of darkness.

This is an extract from the closing stages of the piece. Listen with headphones for the intended effect.

'I turn you turn' by Lindsey Woolsey

A track from 'Black Veined White', the debut album from Lindsey Woolsey, a collaboration between Elle Osborne and Melanie Wilson.

Clap Clap Woof Woof

This piece was recorded in collaboration with John Burns school and was part of an album entitled 'On A High Note'. The album featured sound pieces made by artists working with school children in Wandsworth, as part of the BAC's Spark programme in Spring 2009.

My Son John (remix)

'My Son John', first appeared on the Black Veined White EP by Lindsey Woolsey (Melanie Wilson and Elle Osborne). This remix is by Saulius Chamylonskas.


A collaboration between Lindsey Woolsey (Elle Osborne and Melanie Wilson) and singer songwriter James Yorkston.