Current, Rising

Current, Rising is a 15-minute hyper reality opera experience, combining virtual reality with a multisensory set, blending stagecraft with CG technology. It invites audiences to step into an immersive, atmospheric virtual world and experience a dream-like journey carried musically by a poem layered in song. It is a radical new way of seeing opera in which the audience are at the centre of the performance.

Winner of Best Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year at the 2021 VR awards.

Director: Netia Jones
Designer and CG Art Director: Joanna Scotcher
Composer: Samantha Fernando
Writer: Melanie Wilson
Sound designer: David Sheppard
Movement director: Anna Morrisey
Installation lighting designer: Zoe Spurr
CGI and software development: Figment Productions
Soprano: Anna Dennis
Ensemble: CHROMA
Conductor: Richard Baker

Tickets and info here

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