Live Long & Die Out

Live Long and Die Out is a new music theatre performance that combines contemporary multi-vocal music, music improvisation, electronic sound, new writing and audience participation.

It combines new writing, climate research, environmental philosophy, singing and sound, together with input from its audience, to build an epic poetic manifesto in answer to the crisis in our natural world. At the heart of the project is the concept of kinship and parenthood. Can we extend our understanding of those human experiences beyond immediate family and species, and build a more just future society for each other and our biosphere?

Interweaving highly crafted spoken and sung voice, music and sound, the performance constructs a unique environment of social thinking and feeling. It immerses its audience in a three-dimensional sonic landscape, guiding them as they think and feel expansively about fundamental questions on the present ecological moment and the future. Within this, the piece opens up space for the audience to respond to those ideas, through writing and reading. Their thoughts are folded back anonymously into the narrative of the performance by being translated live into song, creating a provocative, moving and often humorous portrait of our collective thinking in this age of extinction.

The ideas for the work are founded on Melanie’s ongoing explorations and passion for ecology, feminism and the future. She fuses her highly-skilled approach to theatre making with contemporary theories of compassion and community from philosophy (Timothy Morton), political theory (William Ophuls), eco-feminism (Donna Harraway), ecology (Dark Mountain) and climate change research. Melanie is collaborating with environmental psychologist Dr. Stuart Capstick (Cardiff University) on the project, who studies human behaviour in relation to climate change.

The project also proposes an outdoor strand, through performance of short excerpts of the music sited in public places with loud hailers. This part seeks to playfully transmit the ideas generated by the audience back into the wider community from which they have emerged from. It shares a playful, improvised relationship with the passers by who happen upon it, temporarily transforming it’s public location, and setting radical ideas on the wind.

The project is currently in development, and will be presented and toured in autumn 2019.

For more information contact Kate McGrath at Fuel:

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