Oracle: The Dreaming Species

Initiated through Sound and Music’s New Voices programme, this twelve voice choral work uses sound and music to explore the human connection with non-human species.

Composed through dialogue between a neural net and a vocal ensemble, the project imagines a form of inter-species communion, through creation of a hybrid human/animal vocality. This unique sonic encounter connects listeners to an expanded understanding of non-human life and intelligence, and the intimate sensation of our precarious co-existence.

The project responds to the crisis of species extinction, and engages with the processes of machine learning as a way to playfully broaden anthropocentric narratives of intelligence and inter-dependence.

Melanie is partnering with PRiSM (The RNCM Centre for Practice & Research in Science & Music) to develop the AI voice collaborator for the project during 2021.

The project is produced and co-commissioned by Fuel.

Sound and Music’s New Voices 2020/21 is funded by Arts Council England, PRS Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.

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