Radical Mother

Radical Mother is a music project that combines contemporary multi-vocal singing, improvisation, electronic sound, poetic and verbatim text.

It combines climate research, environmental philosophy, singing and sound, together with input from its audience, to build a fierce manifesto in answer to the crisis in our natural world. At the heart of the project is the concept of kinship and parenthood. Can we extend our understanding of those human experiences beyond immediate family, species and gender norms, and build a more just future society for each other and our biosphere?

The project constructs a future facing landscape of social thinking and feeling, through performance, writing, conversation, activism, street singing, composition and provocation.

The ideas for the work are founded on Melanie’s ongoing explorations in ecology, feminism and the future. She fuses her highly-skilled approach to theatre making with contemporary theories of compassion and community from philosophy (Timothy Morton), political theory (William Ophuls), eco-feminism (Donna Harraway), ecology (Dark Mountain) and climate change research. Melanie collaborated with environmental psychologist Dr. Stuart Capstick (Cardiff University) on the project, who studies human behaviour in relation to climate change.

images: Alexander Brattell & Philippa Neels
The project appeared at Pulse Festival and Coastal Currents Festival in 2018, and Latitude Festival and TEDx Bristol in 2019.

Company: Adey Grummet, Jeremy Avis, Peyee Chen, Kate Hugget and Melanie Pappenheim.

For more information contact Philippa Neels at Fuel: philippa@fueltheatre.com

    Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust

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