Reise Durch die Nacht

Reise Durch die Nacht is an adaptation of Friederike Mayröcker's poetic prose novella, which premiered at the Schauspielhaus Kóln in October 2012. The piece continues the exploration of cinematic-quality live video in a theatrical environment, that has been a feature of Mitchell's collaboration with Leo Warner. Melanie joined the team to design the sound for the piece, in collaboration with Gareth Fry.

photo: Stephen Cummiskey


Director: Katie Mitchell

Video Director: Leo Warner

Set: Alex Eales

Costume: Laura Hopkins

Lighting: Jack Knowles

Sound: Gareth Fry & Melanie Wilson

Recorded video: Grant Gee

Video Technical Manager: Jonathon Lyle

Assistant to the video designer: Akhila Krishnan

Production Coordinator: Pippa Meyer

Text/Dramaturgy: Duncan Macmillan & Lyndsey Turner


Nikolaus Benda / Daniel Betts / Ruth Marie Kröger / Renato Schuch / Julia Wieninger

Live-Camera: Frederike Bohr / Lily McLeish / Christin Wilke / Nikolaus Benda / Daniel Betts / Renato Schuch


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