The Birthstrike Project (in development)

This new music/theatre project is a collaboration between Jess Latowicki and Melanie. Inspired by the climate activism of radical parenting and family making, the piece creates a polyphonic operatic performance from the voices of women and men who are placing their bodies at the forefront of climate change activism.

Based on the experience of young women who are refusing to have children as a protest against the accelerating extinction of planetary ecosystems, the project examines the experience of the non act of motherhood as a radical political decision, and how that decision challenges the narratives we tell ourselves about justice and humanity, and reframes the power of women to change the future.

Melanie and Jess developed early ideas for the project on the Royal Opera House and Librettist Network’s Engender programme in July 2019. 

The project is in developement and will be presented in 2021/2. 

Melanie Wilson is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund 

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