You Move Me

You Move Me is a collaboration between video artist Gemma Riggs, choreographer Laura Murphy, sound artist Melanie Wilson and the people of two towns in the UK and Lithuania.

The work explores collective and individual identities. It is a celebration of people living in Northampton and Zagare and the way in with which they occupy their own domestic settings. It brings these often hidden lives into the public realm.

The work is an installation of video portraits of numerous people in their respective settings, all performing the same, unified, collaboratively-made choreography. Their movements are unified, yet their individual presence is utterly distinctive. It becomes a collaborative chorus of movement and presence. It engages in the notion of synechdoche, where bringing together multiples of the same in turn brings out the unique character of each.

This project has been funded by Arts Council England, and has been made partnership with NN Contemporary Art Northampton.

You Move Me showed at NN Contemporary in Northampton in the summer of 2018.


images: Melanie Wilson, NN & Joe Brown

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