glass human

three threads
three tongues
three rooms
three bodies curled in the dark
listening to a hole in the world...

A chamber opera created by Samantha Fernando and Melanie Wilson for Glyndebourne, exploring the experience of loneliness.

Three isolated voices find their way towards each other, charting a journey from emotional and social fragmentation to connection and meaning. Rooted in three contemporary experiences of loneliness – a young woman finding her identity, a refugee searching for stability and an older man living with grief and cognitive decline – the work explores the forces that separate us from each other and the threads we follow to join back together again.

Samantha Fernando

Melanie Wilson

Sound score 
Melanie Wilson & Samantha Fernando

Creative team:

Ashley Beauchamp

Lucy Bailey

Joanna Parker

Lighting Designer
Charlotte Burton

Lead Engagement Artist
Freya Wynn-Jones

Glyndebourne Tour Orchestra players
Daisy Spiers Viola
Rosie Banks-Francis Cello
Sue Blair Harp
Cameron Sinclair Percussion
Iñigo Mikeleiz Accordion

Music Preparation
Ben-San Lau


Anna Cavaliero

Camille Maalawy

Denver Martin Smith

“Librettist Melanie Wilson has woven a sinuous narrative in which three isolated individuals search for connections and are made whole in the process.”
The Observer

“A musical pointer towards an external symbol of loneliness, a slowly developing sinkhole, its overwhelming electronic roars, creaks and groans draw the characters out of the building, where in finding one another they find themselves.”
The Observer

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